Olio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 750 ml - Buy 2, save 25%

Buy 2 and Save 25%, and also receive a FREE copy of The Nemechek Protocol book.

Olio Organic is a certified organic extra virgin olive oil pressed from 100% California olives grown to produce increased levels of health-promoting phenols. Each 750-ml bag holds 50 1-tablespoon (15 ml) or 150 1-teaspoon (5 ml) servings.

Our “EVOO in a bag” improves long-term storage by blocking oxygen exposure, light exposure, and phenol leakage through plastic containers and avoiding the expense of glass bottles. Unlike when traditional bottles are emptied, our bag collapses and does not fill with oil-damaging oxygen.

Olio Organic is best consumed raw by the spoonful, as a dipping oil, mixed in dressings, or poured over food. Cooking with Olio Organic will not damage the oil but may cause some phenols to escape as gas.

Phenol content and oleic acid content are both considered essential to the health-promoting properties attributed to olive oil.  High-concentration phenol oils consumed in small amounts lack the necessary oleic acid.  

2022 Harvest Nemechek Gold Olio Organic has a phenol count of 138 gallic eq mg/kg.

Our high-tech 750 ml bag is better for long-term storage of olive oil than even dark green glass containers. The micronized foil lining blocks the damage effects of light, completely prevents any loss of phenols, and does not allow oil-damaging oxygen to enter the bag as it is emptied. Our bag is the best long-term storage solution for olive oil on the market.

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