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How to Read The Nemechek Protocol with Your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Reading The Nemechek Protocol with your smart phone:
  • Kindle, Apple and GooglePlay all offer apps will allow you to read your ebook on either iOS or Android phones.
  • There are a variety of apps that will allow you to read a PDF version of the ebook.
  • Simply purchase and download the ebook to your phone, and follow the apps instructions on how to load the ebook.
Reading The Nemechek Protocol with your computer's browser:
  • The Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) all have applications you can install that will allow your to read your ebook without needing to purchase a tablet (e.g., iPad), electronic reader (e.g., Kindle) or a smart phone.
 How to open The Nemechek Protocol files and read it on your Kindle e-reader.
    • Option #1 -Down load the 2 files onto your computer and E-mail the files to your Kindle device/app via your Kindle e-mail address. Instructions for sending the files to your Kindle device or app are given below.
    • Option #2 - Down load the 2 files and place copies of the file into kindle folder on your phone.
Sending the Files to your Kindle Reader or Kindle App:
  • The sender's e-mail address must be approved for receipt by your device: 
    1.  Visit Manage Your Content and Devices page.
    2.  Sign-in to your Amazon account. 
    3.  Go to "Personal Document Settings" under "Manage Your Content and Devices".
    4.  Under "Approved Personal Document E-mail List" click "Add a new approved e-mail address".
    5.  Enter the e-mail address to approve and select "Add Address."
    6. Sending the files to your Kindle requires you to know the ________@kindle.com address for your device and that the e-mail address you are sending from is approved.

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