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  • Incredible Testimonials About The Nemechek Protocol®

    fact #1: miracles do happen - Nemechek Protocol

    The following testimonials are from parents commenting about the effectiveness of The Nemechek Protocol for Autism and Developmental Disorders.

    - - - -

    9-Year-Old HF ASD, ADHD, ODD, SPD Boy Finally Playing with His Toys:

    "OMG!!! My 9 year old HF ASD, ADHD, ODD, SPD is playing happily in his room for past half hour while I cook dinner in the kitchen!!!!

    This is a bloody miracle! For 9 years I have had to shadow this child AND he's rarely ever played with toys. Normally only if we have a visitor to look at them with him.

    Aaaagghhhh I am seeing amazing daily gains."

    7-Year-Old Nonverbal Daughter Begins Speaking:

    "Been on protocol for about a month and a half with our 7 yr nonverbal daughter. We started a week or two after school went on summer break. Daughter went back for summer session last week.

    Her teachers (same ones for last 3 years) today told me they couldn’t believe how much she was babbling and saying now. Teacher said she was saying every word out of a picture book and multiple syllables.

    We've been anxious to see if they would notice any changes. This morning (5am) she was trying to pull me out of bed and said "Daddy"..."up"...and then "no" when I tried to go back to sleep.

    She accidentally spit out some water out this evening and then came to us and said "bucket"....What we get for the kids when they are puking....but its been months since we've needed one!"

    Young Boy with a Broken Arm: 

    "I've been crossing my fingers for long enough. Can I just jump up and down and scream about how happy I am? I read about this protocol about a month ago. I have been giving my son inulin and omega 3's for at least the past 2 years, just not at the levels that the protocol suggests.

    We have had incredible progress over the past two years- but what I have seen in the past 2 weeks since we increased it to the full dose, and just the past 2 days even. It's nothing short of a miracle.

    My sweet boy threw away his pacifier! He doesn't carry around giraffe and monkeys all day. It's like he matured years over night.

    And today we drove by the school where he went to head start- 3 years ago, he was there for 2 months and we left because it was horrible. He said mommy- I went to school there. I said yes you did, he said I remember the kids were mean, a girl in a red shirt pushed me off the gym and I broke my arm.

    OMG- yes he broke his arm and the teacher told me that he was running and fell. He has never talked about it, we drive past that school every weekend on the way to my moms. And he is sooooo much more loving. I mean crazy loving.

    Dr. Nemechek- thank you! From the bottom of my heart."

    Complete Sentences from a 9-Year-Old Daughter:

    "I'm excited to say my 9 year old daughter who usually mimics, recites scripts from shows or just says one word has said a complete sentence today all on her own!!! We were at a party and some kids went into the pool.

    She was on her iPad and was watching them. She cracked up laughing as they jumped in and splashed.

    I asked her "what do you see?" And she replied, "they're swimmin in the pool". Then when we got home she says, "I want swimmingmmy in the pool". complete 5/6 word sentences all on her own!!!!

    Very small gain but I'm excited over it!!! Normally, she would have just said "pool" or "I want pool". She also was on the swings and stopped. She said, "wash my hands". So that's what we did. We washed her hands!"

    My Son and His Food Aversion:

    "Ok this cannot wait till Sunday! My son just ate some broccoli!!! For so long he has had a huge aversion to colored foods (green is the worst) and would only eat white, orange and red veggies!

    Wow amazing!! So glad I found this protocol!

    Day 20 on the protocol and I have been waiting anxiously to see "the awakening". Well today at sensory gym he was the most engaged and interactive with his surroundings I have ever seen him be. He seems more aware, more verbal the last two days. His eyes seem less glazed.

    Can't wait to see what happens in the next two weeks to verify what I'm seeing. I was so happy watching him play today, actually noticing the children around him, laughing and smiling."

    Sitting with My 11-Year-Old, Non-Verbal Son:

    "We are on day 12. My son is non verbal and 11 years.  Changes I have noticed:- Before starting this protocol, my son would change clothes as soon as we got back indoors and while in the house would change about 3 times (yeah the laundry we do).

    Now he is retaining the same clothes. I have to remind him to change.

    The other day I was trying to get his attention. He wanted to be left alone so I said I would if he said the word go. He said go  

    He has also been seeking me out and sitting companionably next to me for 15 minutes. Before he would come sit for a minute and take off."

    Healing the Guts of Two Young Girls:

    "Just wanted to share this! We have been GFCF for about 6 months. There has been 3 times where my girls have had gluten and Casein during that time, and all 3 times resulted in Harper's behavior spiraling out of control, and Quinn screaming and writhing because of tummy pain.

    We have been doing the Nemechek Protocol for 2 months now. We went out for pizza yesterday. Neither one of them had any negative reaction whatsoever! No bad behaviors with Harper, and no tummy pains for Quinn!

    I am absolutely amazed! I did give them digestive enzymes with their pizza, so I'm not sure if the protocol has healed their guts, or if the digestive enzymes worked a miracle, but this is going to make our lives so much easier!

    Dr. N says that GFDF isn't necessary, but we are going to go slow getting back to a more normal diet."

    Cuddling with My Son:

    "I am so all over the place....some days i feel we are not getting anywhere then other days I realize how much we have progressed.  Today at pre school (I attend with my son to support him as its not a special needs class), they had a music lady come in.

    My son was held with cuddles on the mat to join him in as usual but he did not resist. At dancing time he jumped up and down gleefully and at relax time with encouragement to lie down on the floor he lay down peacefully with the others.

    Now this was all a whole hour of mat time and different activities. That’s amazing for him. He only ran away twice and I let him have a minute break and then rejoined him in the group.... Although he did not understand everything that was happening he did not become overwhelmed and in his own special way he actually joined in. This is fantastic!

    Then at snack time he sat and ate with the other kids for 15 minutes and when he was done he closed his lunch box got up and PUT IT AWAY!!! OMG!

    But to clinch my happiness, 2 separate people told me how amazing the progress he has made in the last few months! They said he is so much happier and is understanding a lot more they said he is a different kid. Still scatty and not focussed but there IS a shift and something is happening.

    Being in it and worrying and being so tired and overwhelmed I cant always see it but when people point it out... geez I will take it. Slow and steady I pray we keep moving forward.

    Ok still non verbal but we seem to be getting more babbling. He is 3yrs 9 months and I am really daring to hope for speech one day!  4.5 months in and I will keep this going!"

    7-Year -Old Son with ASD:

    "My son 7 years old asd is 6 days on the protocol. Small dose of inulin still and omega 3. What was first is early waking up, now gas and more hyperactive. But he is talking better, longer sentences, a new song he learn himself, games with puzzels are like super easy for him now...i started with him and i feel some die off effects but all good. works!"

    Conversation with My Princess:

    "The gains just keep coming. How awesome it is to have a conversation with my sweet courageous girl! She is reading more words now as well!

    She certainly is my Princess!! Blessings to all! Hang in there, keep observing, start low and go slow!"

    My Son Watching Birds:

    "Hopefully I'm not in placebo heaven but my son is completely locked in his own world. It's RARE he emerges into ours.

    Anyway last night we were on our walk, like we do every night, and my son was intently watching a flock of birds fly across the sky. He's NEVER noticed them before!"

    No More Stimming:

    "Update my 7 year old who normally would be on his iPad Stimming the whole time and meltdowns if it went flat Has stopped using his iPad now watches kids shows on tv and videos & no Stimming just sitting and happily watching.

    Also the few words he's using are now clear example da da is now dad ... 11 weeks on protocol."

    "It's My First Time Being Called Anything by Him":

    "Day 10... my son for the first time come to me and said wawwiiii (mummy but he can not say m or n yet) and start pointing at peppa's house and said house !!!

    It's my first time being called anything by him ... so teary but incredibly happy!!!!! hope you guys having as great morning as I am!!!"

    A 13-Year-Old Pedicure:

    "For as long as I have been cutting my son's toenails, it is in the dead of night with a miners light on my head and clippers in hand. He is 13 and I 55, realizing I am not always going to be around to sneakily cut his nails, I have tried about 5 times now to cut or file with much protest and physical recoil!

    Well he allows me to file his finger nails and today for the very first time he allowed me to file his toenails!!!I have been doing the protocol for about 3 weeks now and also added the product Restore which also helps heal the gut.

    I am overjoyed at this milestone!! He can always go for a pedicure if I'm in heaven one day!!"

    5-Year-Old Boy with Severe ASD:

    "New words this weekend: "duck" "cotton ball" "no running" "wake up" "want donut now"  He also had a burst of awareness. Dad and older brother were talking about Easter Bunny and my son almost 5 with severe ASD ran and got an Easter bunny stuffed animal out of the toy bin.

    He did the same when they were talking about a snowman, he ran and got an Olaf stuffy we have. I'm really glad for these clear gains because the behaviors have been off the hook! So bad that I was considering stopping, so I'm very happy."

    7-Year-Old Daughter With Asperger's, OCD and Anxiety:

    "All 3 of my children have had various degrees of issues and some of those issues since birth. Specifically speaking of my daughter who at about the age of 3 (after surgery to put tubes in her ears and was on over 8 antibiotics series her first year plus full vaccinations) began what I what call serious longstanding tantrums and sensory issues.

    Yet she was still extremely intelligent so I felt things were ok. I would research Aspergers and I feel she would of received that diagnosis if I would of had her tested.

    Then at age 7 began a very scary downward spiral consisting of OCD, Anxiety and major rages. The only thing that got me through this terrible time was my faith in Christ.

    I knew with her, she was driven by the bad bacteria. Some probiotics made it much worst and then others would help for awhile but then would backfire after a period of time; probably due to an overgrowth of a certain strain in the probiotic.

    After starting this protocol over 2 months ago we have had zero rages and zero OCD issues. Completely gone. She laughs and I'll hear her singing in her room. She cares about her appearance now and is gentle to her brothers.

    It is the most amazing miracle ever. Thanks so much Dr. Nemechek. I pray your protocol gets out to those dealing with Pandas, Lyme and the other spectrum disorders. Thanks be to God!"

    Prayers Answered:

    "Praying the gains keep coming!!! No car meltdowns now, just singing at the top of her lungs yet I can't understand the words.

    She said prayers tonight, is eating lots of food, being very loving, went to a sensory friendly movie, ask if a friend could go to the children's museum with her, had 2 play dates this week, and went to a birthday party all with no meltdowns!!

    Praise our great physician and healer! Praising Him for sending Dr Nemechek to heal our kids! I can't believe I've been reading about this protocol since before Christmas and didn't try it sooner.

    Thanks for the fb page that gave me all the success stories to help me make the decision to start, give up, and start again!"

    Explosion of Language:

    "Ok guys, we have been on the protocol for a month in a half. We have had explosion of language and then a period of aggression and constipation. Now this week and last a huge jump in language and cognitive ability.

    I could never get her to look at a game on her Kindle and now she plays on her own!! Only a few problem we started having this week.

    We are on 3 fiber gummies and 2 and a half omegas and as much olive oil as I can get in her. I can't believe she is doing so well in such a short time!! Her ABA therapist even asked if we are doing a thing different. O, and we are also GFCF."

    Moving Into Her Own Bed:

    "My daughter has officially moved to her OWN bed and is out of ours. I am so happy to not sleep on the edge of my bed any more lol.

    I love this protocol before it she had no desire to sleep by herself."

    After Just 4 Days:

    "I'm here to celebrate little wins, encourage someone, and say thank you to God for the Nemechek Protocol...  It's day 4 on the protocol for us.

    My LO is 2 and a half. He's been on early intervention for months and barely ever follows instructions or repeats anything...very minimal imitation, and almost zero words.

    Today he had speech therapy, and he repeated "More" four times!!! 4 TIMES people!!! He independently labeled 'airplane' when he saw it on pictures...and then came looking for me to find his iPad...and shouted 'a-pad!"!! Let's stop everyone and do a dance!!!!

    Usually when I ask him to say 'bye' to me, I could ask until I'm blue in the face, but nothing will happen. NOTHING. Today we escorted the Speech Therapist to the elevator and he went telling her "ba-bye" 6-8 times! Yayyyy!!! ...let's do another dance people!!!

    Usually he ignores his almost 5 year old sister, except when he wants her toys. Yesterday (day 3) when we escorted her to the elevator, he took her by her hand and led her into the elevator so they could go in together! Awwwww!!! They were holding hands!!!

    At daycare, he's usually the kid playing around or running somewhere in a corner while the other kids are seated neatly for Circle Time. This week they reported that he sat down for Circle time, and stuck around to do 'dot art' with the other kids for 40 minutes!

    For the first time, my son was sent home with 'artwork' that HE actually did!!!! I'm going to frame it!!!! It looks like nothing, but it is THE BEST art I have ever seen!

    Thank you God for allowing this to work ...I know these are little wins, but I'm grateful. For those who are feeling discouraged...please hang in there...don't give up. Kids are different, and yours will get there too.

    We still have other unresolved issues...but certainly Rome was not built in a day... patience produces character...and character produces hope..."

    "Daddy, watch me."

    ""Daddy watch me". This was a miracle right before our eyes tonight! Its a long video but she was putting on a show for us and determined that we watch! Totally age appropriate behavior! She even wanted her twin brother to watch her!

    If Dr. N was here right now, I would give him the biggest hug! Keep going forward everybody, believe in yourself and your child!

    You can push through the hard times and get to the promise land!

    Today was our best day EVER! To top it all off, she had a nice poop!"

    After Just 3 Days:

    "I have you tell you guys I've only being giving my son 1/8 of a teaspoon of inulin every day for 3 days and have been trying to cook his food in EVOO and have already noticed a difference! Yesterday my hubby gave my son a piece of food and said to go feed Lola (our dog).

    The surprise? He actually did it!

    Today he brought me chalk and I asked him if wanted to go outside to draw. I feel like he never listens to what I tell him or ask him.

    Regardless I still talk to him like he would. Today after I said that he went in the garage, hit the button on the garage door opener and started coloring on the carport. My jaw literally dropped! When I asked what the pictures were he said Mickey, snowman, moose, flower, sun and tree.

    Then we came inside and normally when we take pics I have to say, "Cheese!" And then he'll repeat it to get the best face from him I can get. Today I thought maybe I'll try saying smile instead. I did and got the cutest pic!"

    Potty Training:

    "Just wanna share some big gains for us. My kiddo actually sat on the potty today and tried to poop. (Before if I would try to put her on she would go stiff as a board and throw an absolute fit)

    She actually acknowledged that her grandma was trying to take her picture and posed and looked at the camera.

    I'm pretty sure she murmured "bye" to her teacher. (She's non verbal. She won't even call me mommy.) We still have bloat belly and some constipation. It's really hard to get her to eat the fishies this week.

    We are steady on one inulin gummy a day. She finally has formed poop for the first time in her life this last 3 weeks we have been doing this."

    Explosion of Expressive and Receptive Speech:

    "My DS 3 (4 in August) has been on the protocol since the first week of May. I wanted to share a little of our story to give some of you a little hope and to express gratitude to this group for all their knowledge and advice.

    He has only been officially diagnosed with global developmental delay with his communication skills being the furthest behind of all the developmental areas.

    He has been in OT and ST since he was 11 months old and we've seen a multitude of specialists. Thus far, there is no known cause for his delays. The first 7-8 wks of the protocol, we noticed great gains in words he could say and how engaged and aware he was becoming. His behaviour was out of control though. He was totally unable to control his emotions and started stimming and eloping which was really scary.

    We kept on with the protocol because we were seeing gains every day. Today, everything we thought he was gaining was validated. Every 6 months, he has an evaluation by his speech therapist.

    His last evaluation he scored the equivalent of 1 year 5 months in expressive speech and 1 year 6 months in receptive speech.

    Today's results showed he had gained 4 months in expressive speech and 10 MONTHS in receptive speech!!!! HOLY COW!! We've never seen more than 1-2 months of growth per evaluation period. His behavior also started to calm down a few weeks ago and we have more good days than rough ones. His naps are also becoming more consistent.

    The 6 month evaluation for OT will start in the next week or so. I'm kinda like a kid waiting for a Christmas morning to get those results, lol!"

    Gaining Emotional Self-Control:

    "Acknowledging the good with the not so good. We just had a bit of a meltdown which happens and at the least has lasted for a few days in the past. Well... here's the good!

    Literally 11 minutes into her meltdown she got up off the floor and followed my original directions of going into her room. No head banging, no holes in the wall, no throwing things.

    You guys this never happens this way for us. I just want to cry from joy right now and honestly don't even Know how to react. I'm so so grateful that I have this group to share with. Update! I approached my daughter because I wanted to acknowledge her (in my eyes perfect) response. In the past if she wasn't ready I would be shut out with no eye contact. My daughter VERBALIZED that she wasn't ready to talk to me! Holly cow, somebody pinch me! I'm just an emotional ball of happy right now."

    3-Year-Old ASD Daughter:

    "Hi All, I'm mostly a lurker but wanted to share our experience on the Nemechek Protocol since it’s been a month. My 3 year old ASD daughter before the protocol acted mostly agitated and tense, would never sit still long enough to play with her toys and would always throw her toys across the room.

    A month on the protocol her behavior has completed changed. She is so much calmer, thoughtful, and actually plays with her toys!!! Her behavior has completely changed and our speech and OT therapists have also noticed.

    She is still mostly non verbal but uses more gestures to communicate whereas before she would have meltdowns and I would have to figure out what she wants!"

    Fiber and My 17-Year-Old Daughter:

    "I wanted to give you all a quick update. I started my daughter on the recommended fiber the very next day after I found this wonderful group which was about 4 days ago. She had a couple of days of constipation but that ended yesterday with (in her words) one big miraculous dump.

    Last night, at age 17, my angel baby climbed into bed with me to cuddle her way through a panic attack. This is the same kid I've always had to ask before touching.

    This morning she came in my room cheerful and full of conversation. She said " I feel good mom! Is it the fiber!?" I'm blown away at what that little gummy has done to change our lives.

    I am so excited to keep moving forward. Thank you everyone for your help and support."

    Linking Words Together:

    "I have been following protocol for a little over a month and although my son continues to improve in all areas he's still super behind. He is preverbal but his pronunciation sucks. Lots of approximations and even then he almost doesn't want to try because he just can't get his little mouth to cooperate. 

    A little aggressive but the most amazing things happened yesterday. On the way to school I was zoning out listening to the news ignoring the poor kid and I hear "hi" so I think awe he's trying to get my attention, nope he was waving and talking to the woman in the car next to us wow!! 

    Then at school I heard he offered three kids a slice of "fake" pizza. Then got a tissue for a boy with a runny nose and when a girl asked him for a pot (he was in the kitchen) he said yes and gave it to her.

    THEN later that day I was asking him if he wanted to go swimming tomorrow and he FOLLOWED the conversation!! He said "a dee" which is his yes. And then pointed to our little blow up pool on the balcony and said "pool?" And I said yes but we're going to go in a big pool and he said "big pool"  

    Y'all I am over the moon!! Two words together is not often around here. Sometimes I'll get "my turn" but usually it's a single word/sound and the guessing game is on. I didn't think it was working for him honestly but I think this is a wow factor."

    Getting a Boost From More Fish Oil:

    "For those seeing behavior increase like stimming ect and are thinking maybe I should give up I was just there it has been like a Rollercoaster in a way. We see great gains for a bit then some hard times but each time the gains come it's even better it's like right before he is fixing to make a break thru we see the behavior so now I'm looking at it like hmm few bad days bring it cause it know great days are coming!  

    We are about 7wks in seeing wonderful gains all along the way with more eye contact and words also seen not the best behavior in between each big gain. Well we (hubby and I ) decided to up the dosage on Nordic natural dha to 3/4tsp well the past 3 days wow my son has been amazing talking, answering us, picking toys up!

    We went to chuckee cheese today my mom my oldest nt age 6 and my youngest 4.5 and I normally when we have went he hasn't really been interested like his older brother and sometimes had to leave cause he would have melt down not today he had a BLAST and when I say that I mean it all smiles giggles climbed and rode everything played most of the games was actually present followed direction no running off no screaming crying just 2 happy brothers doing everything together!"

    Regression at Age 12:

    "We are on week 2 still just doing 1/8 of inulin but my 4 year old looked at her brother and said, "Dance with me, Caleb" and they danced and laughed. It was such a great moment.

    When my daughter regressed last fall at age 12 she lost many previously acquired skills, including her ability to write. Her print and script were formerly flawless. At her worst come winter she devolved into regressive autism.

    She has been on the Nemechek protocol since March and has made many wonderful gains. Since treating SIBO with Dr. Nemechek the autism episodes have vanished. We upped her VNS to an hour twice daily and today she told me she can write again! Another major milestone on her road to recovery. #Grateful"

    No More Flapping:

    "I'm really bad about posting successes on our Sunday thread. I guess because some successes I don't even notice. My son is switching speech therapist. I have to give the new therapist our last speech evaluation which happened in March.

    I was reading it over and it occurred to me that my son has stopped flapping. I don't even know when he stopped doing it. He still stims sometimes but no flapping at all.

    Both my husband tried to catch him doing it last night and nothing. Then we tried to remember the last time we saw it and can't remember."

    A 5-Year-Old with SPD, ASD, Rare Genetic Mutation, ADHD, and GI Issues: 

    "Hello, just wanted to share my experience so far. My 5.5 yr old son has been on this protocol for 8 weeks now. He has SPD, ASD, rare genetic mutation, ADHD, GI issues, and life threatening food allergies to name a few. The progress I have seen has been absolutely amazing.

    His level of awareness has increased, speech has increased, understanding has increased, following directions has increased, just overall increases. The first 6 weeks he was more hyperactive and stimmy than usual, but it has now calmed down.

    He decide 3 weeks ago that he would now shut the door to poop, and I almost passed out the first day when he said "go bye bye" and he has continued to do this every day.

    Also, another big moment among many is that when we went to the grocery store 2 different times the last few days he helped put items on the belt, which he's never tried or even had interest in.

    Later when I was putting the eggs away he took them and started putting them in the basket. I started crying from being so proud of him."

    My "Non-Verbal" 4-Year-Old Just Read About 30 Different Words:

    "So, my 'non-verbal' 4 year old just read about 30 different words - out loud- that I was writing for her on my whiteboard. Then she put on a dress-up purse and said "bag." Then she went and petted our dog, said "dog, dog," layed her head on him, and kissed him. Who is this kid?!?! She blows me away every single day.

    Meanwhile, my verbal 4 year old (her twin sister) we discovered can tell us which Bubble Guppies or Wallykazam song is playing by listening to just the first couple of notes- like 3 notes; and can tell what specific episode is on just by seeing a portion of the commercial that's on before the recorded episode even starts.

    She also has the city mapped out better than I do and can tell me where everything is. What the heck?!?!"

    A Happy Child:

    "My nt son wanted a story but with a shadow puppet. So I'm doing one about a dinosaur and out of nowhere another dinosaur appears! Ayden who is asd was making the same puppet as mine and so they fought over a hamburger, they both got a kick out of it! He was giggling loud.

    Made my heart happy! Thanks Dr. Nemechek for another 1st!"

    A Good Day at the Dentist:

    "My Bad/Good update! As I have said my daughter is severely orally defensive. Going to the dentist is challenging as she hates anything in her mouth and the feel/vibration of dental tools etc. A year ago we began a desensitization program with an amazing dentist.

    It took FOREVER to get her comfortable going. The first visit was come in and take her coat off. That was it. Second visit – take coat off, sit down and leave. It took weeks/months to get a proper cleaning. She has done pretty well at her last few visits.

    Today was her first visit in a 3 months. I expected she would do ok given the last few. BUT she woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. She has not stopped moving the last 5 days. It’s like she is unstoppable with energy and I keep expecting her to crash and she just doesn’t!?!?

    Well today she did. It’s a mini crash but it’s there. She is tired and zoned out. You speak to her and no one is listening. But its mixed in with spurts of her laughing and joking around. So way better than her normal "crash".

    So we get to the dentist and it find out that the hygienist who works exclusively with my daughter is no longer employed there. I died a bit inside. Worse we don’t have access to the only dental room she has ever been in! So she is “crashed” with a new hygienist and an unfamiliar space. I was sure it would be a disaster!

    She aced it!! I could see she was thrown. I could tell she was unsure. But previously this would have gone south for us. Quickly and in a bad way. Today she was still joking and was able to tolerate ALL OF IT!  YAY!!"

    Impatient with the Speech Therapist:

    "Well my six-year-old told his new speech therapist that he was frustrated, got up and went to the door to leave and said that she talks too much! he's never said that before. At least he used his words, right? LOL"

    Speech in Just 4 Weeks:

    "We have speech 4 weeks in, just upped Inulin 3 days ago to 1/4 tsp tolerating well so far also on 1 tsp fish oil and 2 TBS olive oil.  Constipation is getting better , moods swings and anxiety are far less severe and she is so much calmer. 

    Single words but it is still speech , just a better understanding of everything around her.  I am so happy right now ❤❤❤"

    We Finally Went Fishing:

    "Today, for the first time, we were able to go fishing as a family! Our youngest (4 1/2 yo) has moderate ASD and every attempt we've made in the past to go fishing ended about 10-20 minutes after beginning.

    Previous attempts left me too nervous to continue because he was so aloof and all over the place. He would run off in a split second and he had no concept of danger.

    He's been on the protocol for almost a month and 1/2 now, and he's had so many overall improvements and gains. He's now much more aware of his surroundings, calmer, and understands and listens to what we say.

    Typically my husband would take our oldest and do things like this and I would have to miss out because I would stay home with our just wasn't worth it. These moments we are getting together as family now are priceless."

    "This is the Best Day of My Life":

    "Our daughter has always enjoyed 4th of July but yesterday was the best yet!! She was so well behaved at the pool and interacted with all our family, calling them each by name and giving them kisses!

    Then last night at our community celebration, she went up to some older girls who were dancing and tried to interact with them! She then came and got some miniature flags and gave each of them one! I was so blown away, i forgot to video it!

    All day she also was saying "This is the best day of my Life" and I believe for her it was  We’ve had some rough days, but the gains continue and Im on Cloud 9 that this protocol is working! It’s truly a miracle right before our eyes!! Here are a few pics of this amazing courageous child!!!!

    My son is also being treated with homeopathy, but we added this protocol 2 weeks ago. He is NT for the most part, but basically "at the gateway" of autism, according to his homeopathic MD.

    We have noticed he has a ton of energy, he is much more calm, fewer meltdowns, more willing to try food (even though he still spits out veggies), he is way more affectionate with me and his constipation issues are getting better."

    No More Diarrhea:

    "You guys, my son has been in this protocol for a month. He was very sensitive to dairy (diarrhea, 2 hours after consuming dairy). It was to the point that we couldn't give him not even a piece of chip that contained dairy.

    Ever since he has been in this protocol, we have given him some dairy and NO diarrhea! I haven't seen any gains in behavior yet because he seems very hyper but I cannot believe his poops are so much better! This is definitely a gain for me because we had struggle with loose stools for 2 years!!

    He is 3 years old, non verbal and severely autistic. He does seem so much happier! We may be up to something amazing!"

    3-Word Sentences in 4 Days:

    "Today was Day 5 for my 4 year old on the Nemechek Protocol.   Before beginning the inulin (my son has been on the fish oil for quite sometime), my son's ability to express needs and wants is typically prompted, and sometimes he'll request using 1 word.   

    Day 1 he just all the sudden started speaking a few times in three word sentences without prompting. I.e.: I want playground. This continued each day this week where he would occasionally say 2-3 words at a time.  

    Yesterday, and today I noticed he was able to respond to directions the first time where typically he needs several repeated instructions to complete a task.  His eye contact is improving as well.  

    If your on the fence about this.  Go to Dr. Nemechek's website, read about it, and just get what's needed and try it. You have nothing to lose and everything in your child to gain."

    What's Your Favorite Food?

    "At speech this week my son's therapist asked him what is his favorite food. He answered. Then she asked if he knew her favorite food. He said no.

    Then she told him, "You can ask me." AND HE DID!!! Friday at camp w/ABA shadow he spontaneously asked peer the same."

    Belonging in the Family:

    "I asked my boys to put on their shoe so we can go out. My son ran to his room and wore his crocs. When he noticed his brother wore his flip flop. He went inside and changed from crocs to flip flop too.

    All the whole time he was looking at his brothers leg. Such a sense of belonging."

    Eye Contact is Out of This World:

    "I figure it's time to share an update. We are 3 weeks on the protocol for my son and despite some hyperactivity in the beginning, we have some good to share!- Eye contact is out of this world. It was improving over time, but this gave us the WOW on eye contact.

    More aware. Just in general. More present, more responsive.

    Receptive language is improving. He also started receptive ID. He will identify objects you ask for in some of his favorite books. I could not get him to do this prior to a week ago.

    Giving mommy kisses on the lips. Before he would sometimes lean his forehead in for me to kiss.

    Has been recovering quicker from tantrums (in fact I wouldn't even say tantrums, he just moves on quickly if he gets upset)

    He looks for my approval and reaction on everything. He wants to see if I am paying attention to what he is doing a lot!

    He does things specifically to get my attention, things he knows I will say no to and then giggles as he looks me right in the eye (playful manipulation).

    Pretend play has increased.

    Less rigidity (he likes to put puzzle pieces in the puzzle in a certain order but now he is not stuck on it)

    Tonight he colored with chalk for the first time. Actually mimicked us drawing.

    Hugs me a lot (use to hug me when I asked now he prompts the hugging).

    His therapists were noticing the improvements and were surprised by his recent accomplishments and demeanor. I did not tell them I had started this protocol.

    BMs have been a little strange. I would say mostly on the softer side. He is on the fish oil and inulin so maybe his body is still adapting?

    No language yet. This is what I am holding out and praying for. Fingers crossed we keep moving in a positive direction and we can get there with language   Just wanted to share my update as the positive updates from others have really kept me going."

    Complicated Sentences: 

    "Today my son was conversing with us and he said this long complicated sentence my husband's jaw dropped and he was like is this really from that powder? I just smiled and shrugged."

    Unsolicited Love:

    "I got my first unsolicited "I love you" from my son. He turns 5 on Tuesday. We were watching a movie together (another thing we hadn't done before because he wouldn't have interest) and he offered me a kiss and then said "I love you" and snuggled up. ♡"

    Flash Card Success:

    "My son got ALL but 2 of his flash cards correct! Two months ago he couldn't name 10 of them and last night he named over 60!"

    4-Year-Old With Improving Speech:

    "My 4 yr old... is occasionally speaking 2-4 words now prompted or independent.. where as just TWO weeks ago he was 1 word independent and 1-2 prompted.

    Hugged and kissed a family member independently he never did with before, improved joint attention, improved eye contact."

    Participating in Songs:

    "In music class my son participated with the hand gestures of the "hello song" not prompted by me. He just went for it right on cue with the rest of the class. He is also doing receptive ID!

    I asked where the cow was in a book and he pointed right to it. Eye contact is out of this world. Everything is a silly game and he'll stare me down with the biggest grin when I tell him "no."

    He also has been grabbing my face and nuzzling his nose into mine with the biggest smile."

    Enjoying the Aquarium:

    "We went to the aquarium and Tommy was so good he was not bothered by all the people and was amazed by all the fish saying 'fishies, fishies'.

    Oh and another food win...he's eating steamed carrot... I've been baking all his veggies for so long as that's the only way he would eat them."

    Full Sentences:

    "We are potty trained. Hallelujah! Also, we are getting full sentences and she answered a question that wasn't a yes or no. I asked what her favorite food was and she said "cereal. Milk".

    Much better with following directions and we've barely seen a meltdown since we started."

    Improved Hypotonia:

    "So my son washed his hands by himself for the first time, today. It sounds like a small thing, but since birth he has had rather severe hypotonia which affects the use of his arms and hands.

    Today, after I squirted the soap on his hands, he really worked up a lather, and spent time playing with the bubbles. Then he just intently watched his hands as he opened and closed them repeatedly.

    It was like he was discovering them for the first time--what they can do. He has never, ever done anything like this. It was magical."

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