Protocol Recovery Starter Pack + Free Nemechek Navigator Access!

Save over $50 by buying everything you need to help your child recover from autism! This bundle is an excellent gift for parents of a child with autism and other developmental challenges.

If you're new to The Nemechek Protocol™, the Nemechek Protocol Starter Pack provides you with everything you'll need to help your child begin their recovery. You'll get a copy of the 2nd edition of The Nemechek Protocol, the three core ingredients (fish oil, olive oil, and inulin fiber), an easy-to-read dosing guide, a 1/8 tsp measuring spoon, and a 3-month subscription to the Nemechek Navigator to help you track your child's recovery.

The Protocol Recovery Starter Pack includes the following:

  1. The 2nd Edition of The Nemechek Protocol™
  2. Nemechek Blue Organic Powdered Inulin (6 oz.)
  3. Nemechek Silver High-DHA Fish Oil (200 ml)
  4. Nemechek Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil (375 ml)
  5. FREE 3-Month Trial to Nemechek Navigator
  6. Instructional Video by Dr. Nemechek
  7. Convenient Dosing Guide
  8. 1/8 tsp Inulin Measuring Spoon

Listen to Dr. Nemechek explain what's in the Starter Pack:


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